Limoncello Cristiani Liguria

Every three months Mr. Cristiani makes a selection of the best Lemon, choosing them especially in our area that it is near the sea.
Distilleria Cristiani takes only the peel of lemon, making a long infusion that it is ready after 60 days, in this moment the Master Distiller is a protagonist of a long activity to have a best infusion from the lemon peel.
When the period of rest is finished, we makes the filtration, we enjoy the sugar and other ingredients, we make another last filtration and we fill the product.
We recommend to drink Limoncello very chilling.
We still practice the art authentic liquors. Infusions of plants, with dedication and precision. All liquors are continuously mixed, tested by master distillers, and kept until maturity. The manufacturing process of our liquors is meticulous, never rushed and it is necessary several months to create the product. It is with passion and love for the good things of the past that we have managed to create a unique liquor in taste, quality and perfection.

  • Alcohol: 100% agriculture alcohol
  • Production Area and characteristic: Our ingredients is chosen especially our region Liguria near of the sea, the main composition is made from a peel of lemon, enjoying sugar, following the necessity of the final products.
  • Aroma: The peel lemon infusion is created throw the maceration in alcohol 56%Vol for 60 days where the master distiller mix, following his experience.
  • Sensory Properties: The Aroma of peel is very strong, but never acid at the taste.
  • How to drink: The Limoncello is an excellent drink for dessert, but also to drink during a conversation, with ice or without.
  • Alcohol: 25%Vol