Amaretto Classico Cristiani

The Formula for Amaretto Classico Cristiani is derived from an age old artisan recipe. This Amaretto consumed today is produced in the same time honored tradition that has been used trough the centuries. The process begins with the Master Distiller who takes great pride in selecting only the finest of sweet almonds, bitter almonds, creating a unique fusion of intense aromas and flavor. The Master Distiller then slowly and carefully mixes the finest alcohol and other ingredients, which creates the distinctive taste of our Amaretto.
We still practice the art authentic liquors. Infusions of plants, with dedication and precision. All liquors are continuously mixed, tested by master distillers, and kept until maturity. The manufacturing process of our liquors is meticulous, never rushed and it is necessary several months to create the product. It is with passion and love for the good things of the past that we have managed to create a unique liquor in taste, quality and perfection.

  • Alcohol: 100% fine alcohol
  • Production Area and characteristic: Our ingredients is chosen especially in the are of Piemonte, the main composition is made from a mix of almond bitter and sweet.
  • Aroma: The almond aroma is created throw the maceration of the almond sweet and bitter for 60 days where the master distiller mix, following his experience
  • Sensory Properties: The Amaretto Cristiani is a typical almond products with a little test of bitter, but mainly sweet.
  • How to drink: The Amaretto is an excellent drink for dessert, but also to drink during a conversation, with ice or without.
  • Alcohol: 25%Vol