Grappa Alambicco Cristiani

Every year Mr. Cristiani makes a selection of the best Italian grapes Distilleria Cristiani get Grappa Alambicco using an old system of typical distillation of Mastri Distillatori (Distiller Teacher). The Grappa that we obtain has 80%Vol degrees, the smell is intense and soft and the visual test is clear and crystal clear. When the period of rest is finished, the Grappa is frozen under zero degrees at the temperature of -15C., then we filter it. At this point is ready to put inside of bottles.

  • Grappa: 100% Italian Grappa
  • Production Area and characteristic: Our Grappa is chosen especially in North Italy.
  • Aroma: Grappa Alambicco Cristiani is a young grappa, the aroma is dry and balanced.
  • Sensory Properties: Our Grappa is amazingly harmonious, softly scented and delicate on the palate.
  • How to drink: The Grappa is an excellent to drink during a conversation, or after meal.
  • Alcohol: 40%Vol