Bitter Cristiani

The recipe was first created by Monks at the Abbey of Cinque Terre in the region of Liguria, in the 19th century
The formula was given to the Cristiani family to protect the integrity of this classic liqueur.
Bitter Cristiani is a natural liqueur made from the maceration of several Herbs and Roots.
The Ingredients are introduced to the alcohol in the authentic manner to gain the full essence of the bitter/sweet flavors.
the final product rests in casks for finishing and later is filtered and bottled.
Bitter Cristiani is enjoyed in 22 countries.

  • Alcohol: 100% fine agriculture alcohol.
  • Production Area and characteristic: Bitter Cristiani is a typical Italian products. Our ingredients is chosen only in Italy, Our Bitter Cristiani has made from a mix of several natural herbs.
  • Aroma: The aroma is created throw the infusion of all herbs for 60 days where the master distiller mix, following his experience. The aroma of Bitter Cristiani is bitter/sweet.
  • Sensory Properties: The Bitter Cristiani is a typical Italian products with a great test and density.
  • How to drink: The Bitter Cristiani is an excellent drink for after meal, or for good conversation.
  • Alcohol: 25%Vol