Diamante Nero (Sambuca&Liquirizia)

DIAMANTE NERO (Sambuca and Licorice) is a sambuca to which is added an infusion of pure licorice distillate that becomes the predominant taste of Sambuca, with an intense aroma and delicate test. You drink straight or with ice. DIAMANTE NERO (Sambuca and Licorice) is a natural liquor made from the distillation of the flowers and some plants, some very well-known such as Fennel (foeniculum vulgare), star anise (illicium anisatum) and others representing the secret recipe of our Sambuca, enjoyed an intensive test of licorice distillate. The recipe of our DIAMANTE NERO (Sambuca and Licorice) dates back to 14th century and was found among the ruins of an old Abbey located on the Ligurian hills. We still practice the art authentic liquors.Infusions of plants, with dedication and precision. All liquors are continuously mixed, tested by master distillers, and kept until maturity.The manufacturing process of our liquors is meticulous, never rushed and it is necessary several months to create the product. It is with passion and love for the good things of the past that we have managed to create a unique liquor in taste, quality and perfection.

  • Alcohol: 100% italian fine alcohol from sugar beet
  • Production Area and characteristic: DIAMANTE NERO (Sambuca and Licorice) is a typical Italian products. Our ingredients is choosen only in Italy, Our DIAMANTE NERO (Sambuca and Licorice) has made from a mix of several natural herbs as infusion of elderberry, infusion of anise seeds and others.
  • Aroma: The aroma is created throw the infusion of all herbs for 60 days where the master distiller mix, following his experience. The aroma of Sambuca is sweet with a great density of the products. The licorice is distilled for long time after that we enjoy it to our Sambuca very slowly mixed continuously.
  • Sensory Properties: The DIAMANTE NERO (Sambuca and Licorice) is a typical Italian products with a great density and very sweet.
  • How to drink: The DIAMANTE NERO (Sambuca and Licorice) is an excellent drink for dessert, but also to drink with an Italian coffee.